Our Mission & Process

We produce plant-based, raw foods.

We have our own state-of-the-art production facility in Woodland Park, NJ where we closely manage our proprietary production process, crafting nutritious snacks and desserts without detracting from the ingredients' nutritional values.

As a matter of fact, we only augment nature's work. For instance, we soak our almonds and seeds to deactivate the phytate and other anti-nutrients that naturally occur in them. This process, also know as "sprouting," enhances mineral absorption so the nutrients in our products are as bio-available as possible.

Similarly, we dehydrate our crackers instead of baking them, keeping all their vitamins intact while creating a shelf-stable snack.

We don't heat any of our products, except for our Date-Seed Coffee™ seeds, which we roast.

It is our mission to deliver to you superb, nutritionally-dense delights.